Kapacitor: change alert rule after application start/finish


Hi, all!

Is there the way to change a notification policy for kapacitor after some event like application running/finishing?

We have a spark cluster, where our applications are launched one by one. It is necessary to track the time of their execution, as well as hang. With the start / finish of the application, you need to change the notification policy. The simple way, i see, is to exec bash script after application start/finish. But maybe you know some default functionality?


Kapacitor’s API allows you to dynamically change the alert handler settings.

See https://docs.influxdata.com/kapacitor/v1.3/guides/using_alert_topics/ but the basic idea is you could call into Kapacitor at start/stop of the application and create/modify topics as needed.


Thank you! This helps me a lot.