Kapacitor alert and restart a task which has hit an error


I have a python UDF task which was working for a few days before it hit an exception. To summarise the task looks at the “x-forwarded-for” headers and does a geo-lookup on the address contained within. However when we received two addresses which is a valid header, the code didn’t account for that scenario and failed, which took a couple of days to notice.

So this has raised two questions:

  1. Is it possible to receive alerts on a Kapacitor task which enters the “Executing: false” state?
  2. Can Kapacitor automatically restart a failed task?

We have updated our UDF to account for the problem scenario but it would be nice to catch any similar situations sooner.


for me when I had badly written some tick - they went from enabled to disabled.
re-enabling them was unfortunately a manual task.