JOINS to non-timeseries data/enrichment


I’m collecting metrics on multiple servers. But for the front end, I want to be able filter the servers based on what data center they’re in, or what region. Or possibly, by what applications they run. That would be non-timeseries metadata; maybe it’d come from postgres or some other data source.

So: I realize JOINS are not going to happen with a non TS table. But, when I look at Kapacitor enrichment, I see examples of it making columns based on timestamps. Question: can Kapacitor TickScripts load, say, a map of hostnames to data center info? From let’s say, a traditional DB, or a flat file, or some other source? And use that to create columns that’ll allow me to put together useful queries from the front end? If not the Kapacitor route, what approach do you suggest?