Is there a way to connect UFT to Influx DB to write data

I am using VB script in UFT for an automation solution. I want to write some of the values from the automation results into Influx DB. In the end, the idea is to create graphs in Grafana for these values from Influx db.

Is there a syntax that I can use in order to connect UFT to influx db?


I’m assuming you’re asking for help getting results from a HPE’s Unified Functional Testing/QuickTest Professional software.

I am not familiar with UFT, but I don’t believe there is an automatic way to get results data into InfluxDB at this time. I did however find this blog post about automatically exporting run results; depending on how those results are made available, you might be able to parse them and send them to InfluxDB.

To do this, some of Telegraf’s input plugins might be useful, such as the file input, or the socket or http listeners. You could also write a script in the language of your choice using our client libraries, or you might be able to make HTTP requests directly to write data using the InfluxDB API.

And if you’re really ambitious, you could write a Telegraf plugin so others can easily get this kind of data into InfluxDB as well.