Irregular series?

Hi. I’m new. Trying to wrap my brain around everything.

Does telegraf support irregular series? Or just sample and write on regular ones?

Can you explain a bit more by irregular series? Do you have an example set of data or scenario you could share?

I don’t.

I’m thinking here about recording events, state transitions. Device goes into state X. Device goes into state Y. It only happens rarely so I really don’t need to know every 10 min whether it’s on or offline. And I’m going to need to write my own code to watch for the state transition and put it into the monitoring stack somewhere. I’d really prefer to have a single event entry into the database for each transition.

Interesting requirement how often are you planning to collect the state?

You could use telegraf to do the monitoring and then use a starlark processor to keep track of the last entry, if they are the same “state” drop the metric and only push metrics where the state changed.

Additional here is a starlark example you can use as a starting point @MirabilisBlush.

Haven’t used it myself, but the Dedupe processor might be worth checking out: