Interpolation Step Mode showing points in center instead of at edges

Interpolation Step Mode showing points in center. I expect the points to be at the top edges. For example, I have error states that a machine will go into and out of throughout the day. I have a dashboard where the top graph shows water usage. The bottom graph is interpolation step mode showing a boolean of 1 or 0 (whether was in error state). The problem is, since the points are in the MIDDLE of the step bar, its visually misleading as to when the error state started and stopped.

Is there a way to change it so the points appear on the edges when in step mode instead of in the middle? Or, is there a better way to show boolean states (for this period of time a machine was in an error state or was not in an error state)?

I’m only collecting data the moment a CHANGE of error state happens. No in between data. Is there a way to extrapolate like this: “hey, at 3pm the error state was at 1. No data exists until 3:15pm. At 3:15pm a data point exists at 0 (went out of error state). So, lets extrapolate that all time between 3pm and 3:14pm should be at 1 (in error state).”?