Internal Inputs for Specific Plugins

In the documentation for the Internal Input it states

internal_<plugin_name> are metrics which are defined on a per-plugin basis, and usually contain tags which differentiate each instance of a particular type of plugin and version=<telegraf_version> .

  • internal_<plugin_name>>` .’

When I try to define an internal input for the inputs.file like so :

  collect_file = true

But I receive the error :

`collect_file’ is not defined in internal.Self

Not sure if I’m referencing the correct plugin name or if the File Input does not support internal inputs. Is there any information regarding which plugins provide support for the internal input?

If I understand the doc correctly, you can’t use or configure this at plugin level.
Where do you get that from?

telegraf/plugins/inputs/internal at v1.14.5 · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub - At the bottom of that page. Not sure if I am misinterpreting the wording.

I still don’t understand where you get that from?
The plugin is activated on agent level, that’s all.
Also, the option collect_file is not valid and not documented, that’s why Telegraf complains on startup.

I’m on the same page as you now - I misinterpreted the docs. Sorry for wasting your time/thanks for taking a look.