Insert offline historical data?

I have built a portable environmental monitoring station that will upload the sensor data to InfluxDB. However, at times when the unit has no access to wifi, it will store to SD Card. Is it possible to upload this offline data later on and have it inserted into the blank space of data left when the unit was offline? If so, how can this be done please? Thanks.


What format (example preferred) do you store to SD?

It is just simple CSV format

Is this not possible?

Yes, it is possible.

You just need to make sure that the upload contains correct timestamps for
when the measuements were made and stored, otherwise InfluxDB will assume they
are all “now”, at the time of the upload.


Hi Thanks, Tried
import “csv”
csv.from(file: “/home/xxx/one.csv”)
But unable to get the csv data. Getting “error in csv.from(): EOF”
File contains:-
0273a1f9-6f96-4887-8938-111,Windows system CPU utilization over threshold,4,,0,1536869009000000000

Please let me know if any modifications needed.