InfluxDB Cloud web console logout timeout

I’ve been using the InfluxDB Cloud web console quite a lot for learning Flux. On a daily basis I have been annoyed by the short auto-logot /auth timeout used. Would you consider increasing this timeout?

Hi @PHL,
I can push this back to our product team. This was a security choice as part of a general standard.


That would be appreciated. The real source of the annoyance is that any Flux query entered in the Script Editor in the Explore view is lost. More than once I have been working on a tricky expression, then gone to lunch just to realize that everything is gone. If the script/query would have been kept between logins that would probably be an even better solution that shouldn’t result in any security considerations.

Absolutely fair point and one I will raise. In the meantime have you considered using the Vscode extension? This means you can create flux files, run queries and view data tables all from vscode. There is also a Flux linter that helps with syntax errors:

There are still some limitations but I use this quite a bit since I hate jumping out of vscode while I’m working on something.

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I actually had a look at it but I’m a JetBrains user and currently none of their database related products or plugins provides any InfluxDB support :sob: