Influxdb 1.7, High cpu usage

Hi! I’m using influxdb 1.7 in a docker container. I’m trying to collect and visualize disks read/write data in a real-time graph.
My queries look like: SELECT non_negative_derivative(max(read_bytes), 1s) / 1 AS read_bytes, non_negative_derivative(max(write_bytes), 1s) / 1 AS write_bytes FROM app.autogen.disks WHERE uuid = '7ddeb765-3ea1-4d22-8a6c-faa0f371b96c' AND time > now() - 3m GROUP BY time(1s)
Frequency is ~10 queries per second. Cpu is loading up to 30%.
My workstation configuration: 2,9 GHz Intel Core i9