Influx showing metres for temperature measurments


I am sure this is a beginners question and it was already solved somewhere. I tried to google this but did not find anything i can start with.

I have installed indluxdb2. I am updating my info from csv via tail. I have few weather stations on the roof and they are updating my database well. I have an odd issue with my measurements. All is working when the temperatures are above 1C or bellow 0C. BUT when the temperatures are bigger than 0 and smaller then 1 the influx is showing them as meters.

Would appreciate any advise from where i can start to mitigate this issue.

Or is this a way the influx works with mili? If so or not how do I get rid of it?


@GrumpySheep I think this is just a display bug with how the legend is displaying decimal values. If you look at the actual data, it should be correct.

If you’d like, you can create an issue on the InfluxDB UI repo.