Influx http listener returning 400 in script

I am using http listener v2 with influx data format to post data to telegraf on port 8125. I am running python code with python requests module to post data to 8125. When I try a post via python command line, it works fine and I get a 204 return code and am able to see the metrics posted. When I try the same in a script, I see a return code of 400 bad gateway. I am wondering whether there is any limit on the data stream that can be posted? The content type is application/octect-stream when posting. I’d appreciate help here.

Hello @ashutoash.sagar,
Welcome! It’s unlikely, but what type of throughput/ingest rate are you trying to achieve?

So in terms of char length, it’s around 300 characters, the data itself.

I got the solution. It was a data issue on my end.

Im so happy you figured it out. Sorry for the delay. Do you mind sharing what your issue was? So that others can benefit from your solution? thank you!