Influx 2 python library connect to InfluxData cloud

The Python library release is a welcome additions as I start to evaluate Influx for my use-case. One problem is that it is not 100% clear on how to setup and connect the python library to the InfluxData cloud services. Since I am both new and documentation on this is still light, I am not sure where I am having my issues. Clarification and examples would be very helpful and appreciated.


Hi @TravisT ,

I created an example that demonstrate a simplest way how to write and query date with the InfluxDB Cloud.

You could find it here:


Thank you for the update. I was able to get it working. One issue was a typo on my side, but also confusion about adding the port to the URL.

Some thing that would be helpful to note are

  • Port requirements (in this case the port is not needed?)
  • How to find url based on your dashboard address (right now there is only a single URL for the Alpha)
  • User requirements (appears to be none at the moment)
  • Changing timeout (not clear and 10seconds is a long default timeout)

I am a little surprised that this information is not available when logging in, but I understand this is a alpha product using recently released api library.

Thanks for all your help and quick response.