Howto in Elasticsearch Template add "cluster_name" tag

Howto in Elasticsearch Template add cluster_name tag to elasticsearch_cluster_health, elasticsearch_cluster_health_indices measurements?

Use Case

I need cluster_name tag in this measurement (elasticsearch_cluster_health, elasticsearch_cluster_health_indices) for filtering dashboard for 2 or more projects with Elasticsearch under this dashboard.

Expected behavior

in this measurement elasticsearch_cluster_health, elasticsearch_cluster_health_indices add tag “cluster_name” and with change of cluster_name in elasticsearch config - passsing correct cluster_name

Actual behavior

in this measurement (elasticsearch_cluster_health, elasticsearch_cluster_health_indices) now we have only tag “name”, that always bring value “elasticsearch” (what is it? it is no cluster_name, no host). And when I have 2 project with Elasticsearch I cannot take metrics under this measurements for specific host/cluster.
(And for all other measurements we have tag “cluster_name”).