How to drop series via CLI


I have some old series which I want to delete. These series are with whitespaces in the service value. Do I need to escape the whitespaces? At the moment I’m not able to delete them…

SHOW series ON mydatabase WHERE host = ‘myhost’:
metrics,command=check-mk-custom,crit-fill=none,host=myhost,performanceLabel=files,service=Files in \ /tmp/currentVersion,warn-fill=none

My drop statement looks like this:
DROP SERIES FROM mydatabase WHERE host = ‘myhost’ AND service = ‘Files in \ /tmp/currentVersion’

But it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried without backslash…


Hello @Sh1ndy,
Welcome! I’m a little confused by your query. Is

‘Files in \ /tmp/currentVersion’

a tag? (asking just because I’ve never seen a tag like that before) Can you please share the logs? And also the output from a query where you filter by that tag?

Sorry, it is: Files\ in\ /tmp/currentVersion. Looks like the whitespaces are some kind of escaped in the output/database. (Thats the way it is showed if I execute the SHOW command.)

Yes it is a tag called service and the value of that tag is Files\ in\ /tmp/currentVersion.