Get last Value of another Measurement for a specific time

Hi, I am new to the world of Influx (and Time Series Data in general).
(Working with InfluxDB 1.8.4 with Flux enabled on Windows)

I want to analyze two measurements together. For that i am not sure how to do it or if I even should build in a logic into my ingestion pipeline to combine them before inserting them into InfluxDB.

What I am trying to do:
When I read a mesurement I want to know the value of another measurement at this time. (Like checking what the value of measurement B was at the timestamp of measurement A)

for example:

time FAULT equipmentNumber workplace

2021-01-29T06:53:03.877Z 1 L5211M0855 1
2021-01-29T06:53:03.967Z 0 L5211M0855 1
2021-01-29T06:53:05.614Z 1 L5211M0855 1
2021-01-29T06:53:05.685Z 0 L5211M0855 1

time FAULT_SLOT equipmentNumber workplace

2021-01-29T06:53:03.867Z 1 L5211M0855 1
2021-01-29T06:53:03.977Z 0 L5211M0855 1
2021-01-29T06:53:05.604Z 1 L5211M0855 1
2021-01-29T06:53:05.695Z 0 L5211M0855 1

(the values 1 and 0 can be seen as boolean…)

Does it make any sense to maybe use the FAULT_SLOT as a tag of the measurement FAULT before even inserting into InfluxDB or is there a way that lets me query what I need?

Thanks for helping me!