Forgot Password in InfluxDB 2


I set up my account with a Lastpass generated password and forgot to save it. I found the influx user update command but there does not appear to be a password flag (yet?). I have the token, id, and user name but I do not see an obvious what to create a new user or update the password on the current user.


hi you could temporarily disable authentication by setting the auth-enabled option to false in the [http] section of the configuration file … ?
And then change the password with SET PASSWORD FOR …
Or change the password with an admin user …


@MarcV this question is about InfluxDB 2; there is no config file and it is not possible to turn off auth.

@christophermarkdavis unfortunately there is no way to recover a password at this point. I’ve created a new issue on GitHub so we can get that functionality implemented: