Failed to validate Oauth settings: missing Google oauth setting[s] error after upgrade to 1.8.4

I upgraded my influxdb server today, like I did countless times before. After the upgrade, chronograf would not start. It logs the following error:

level=error msg=“Failed to validate Oauth settings: missing Google oauth setting[s]: client id, client secret” basepath=invalid component=server

I’m not even using Google OAuth, I have Generic OAuth configured in /etc/default/chronograf. All the settings are there as per the AzureAD generic OAuth configuration example.

I would really appreciate any pointers.

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@buzzlightyear thanks for the comment. We believe this issue was fixed in fix: remove common public-url config from oauth validation check (#5475) · influxdata/chronograf@00cce51 · GitHub but has not been released yet. It is in master and the nightly available on Downloads. We are planning an updated release in the next few weeks.

Thanks @russ_savage I downgraded chronograf to 1.7.17 and back up and running.

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