Failed to validate Oauth settings: missing Google oauth setting[s] error after upgrade to 1.8.4

I upgraded my influxdb server today, like I did countless times before. After the upgrade, chronograf would not start. It logs the following error:

level=error msg=“Failed to validate Oauth settings: missing Google oauth setting[s]: client id, client secret” basepath=invalid component=server

I’m not even using Google OAuth, I have Generic OAuth configured in /etc/default/chronograf. All the settings are there as per the AzureAD generic OAuth configuration example.

I would really appreciate any pointers.

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@buzzlightyear thanks for the comment. We believe this issue was fixed in but has not been released yet. It is in master and the nightly available on We are planning an updated release in the next few weeks.

Thanks @russ_savage I downgraded chronograf to 1.7.17 and back up and running.

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