Estimating disk space usage

I wanted to get an estimate on the disk requirement based on the number of records I would be storing.

So I plan on using 3 tags; A, B & C. There are 429 unique combinations of A, B & C. I’ll also be storing a record for every 15 minute period so that would come out to 41,184 records correct (24 x 4 x 429)?

There are then 13 fields for each record, all of which are numerical. Given this from the documentation:

How much storage do I need?
Database names, measurements , tag keys , field keys , and tag values are stored only once and always as strings. Only field values and timestamps are stored per-point.
Non-string values require approximately three bytes. String values require variable space as determined by string compression.

That would mean I need 41,184 x 13 x 3 bytes —> 1606176 bytes per day?