Error whilst using telegraf socket_listener, unix datagrams


I used the socket_listener, as follows:

URL to listen on

service_address = “unix:///var/run/audispd_events”
socket_mode = “”

The socket already exists, it was made by the program writing to the socket, whilst Telegraf should only read( listener). As result, I get the following error:
[telegraf] Error running agent: starting input inputs.socket_listener: listen unix /var/run/audispd_events: bind: address already in use
And telegraf stop.

In the code it is written:
if protocol == “unix” || protocol == “unixpacket” || protocol == “unixgram” {
// no good way of testing for “file does not exist”.
// Instead just ignore error and blow up when we try to listen, which will
// indicate “address already in use” if file existed and we couldn’t remove.
However, on my telegraf, it doesn’t ignore the error and telegraf stops. Is the code wrong, or is there config to ignore the error (and have telegraf just listen to the socket, rather than creating it). The socket should not be removed in any case by telegraf if it starts, so i think the os.Remove looks questionable here.

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Hello @Menno,
Thanks for your question. I’m not sure.
@popey any thoughts here please?

Hello @Anaisdg ,

I tested it a bit more and believe it is a bug or “design error” for telegraf to remove the socket. If I change the location and rights, Telegraf is able to delete and re-create the socket, but receives nothing. As the writing application such as linux audisp isn’t able to recreate / re-use the socket after telegraf has deleted and re-created it. One would not do this with files either.

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