Dynatrace integration not working on Telegraf version 1.19

I am using Telegraf 1.19 and have oneagent installed but none of the OS metrics are coming through. I also tried the API to ensure the issue is not connectivity of oneagent but the issue still exists. I have enabled log and looking at the logs and the status of the service, I can see it is connected successfully. Not sure what would be the next step of troubleshooting.

Do you have examples from the logs before where it was working , vs now where it isn’t? Any differences ? I’m not familiar with that plug-in, but you could try pasting a snippet from before / after, perhaps someone may be able to help

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I gave the previous version (1.18.3) a try and it worked. The issue seems to be related to the Telegraf agent itself since I have tried both API and OneAgent and none of them worked.