Dropping (deleting) the shards

We are currently using mysql for storing the stats and actively working to use influxdb. In mysql, we have functionality like…
We have 3 tables Table-A, Table-B, and Table-C. and all the tables are partitioned by time. So, I can delete partitions of Table-A only.

Can we achieve the same in influxdb ? how ‘drop shards’ works in influxdb ?

Hello @aditya,
Thanks for your question. I really recommend reading this blog to understand more about shards and retention policies. Shards contain temporal blocks of data and are mapped to an underlying storage engine database. I’m not 100% confident I understand your 3-Table example, but you can drop shards which are blocks of data around the same time. Does that help?

I found the solution. I had to create separate retention policies for all measurements. the I was able to achieve the sql like behavior to delete partition per table.