Display a chart and a total count over the chosen time?

I am facing a problem which I initially though is should be simple to solve… I display a click rate over some days. People want to know how many clicks have been made in the chosen time.

In the shown graph you see filtered clicks on March 29th to 30th within a chosen timeframe (March 21st to March 30th).
How can I display in this graph the total number of clicks which would be in this case something in the 80000 (I am lacking a good scale in this example)?


Thanks a lot for any hint

Hello @thieme,
Thanks for your question. Are you using v1 or v2? Are you using flux?
Have you tried changing the view to single stat and displaying a sum over the dashboard period?
Sum (InfluxQL)
Sum (Flux)

Hello @Anaisdg
I am using v1 and I can setup something like this:

My goal would be to reduce the number of graphs and make the total count (right side) part of the the graph view (left side) so that I end up with only one graph.
Hope this is possible, aunt google does not tell me much here.

Hello @thieme,
You can use the tail(n:1) to get a single point instead of line.

Maybe you can:

  1. Create a new metric that sums the clicks produced until any given time
  2. This would be an always-increasing line, that you can represent in the right-y axis (with an auto scale?) that would be different to the left-y scale.