Could not collect kapacitor logs BUG

When a kapacitor is connected using the chronograf interface, even if all the functionalities privided by the chronograf interface work well, there is a bug on retrieving the logs generated with the node log() is added.
See the screenshot below

The issue is returned only using morzilla firefox browser, no when chrome is used.

Firefox Quantum 64.0.2 (64 bit)
Chronograf v1.6.2
Kapacitor v1.5.1

Open source tick stack used.

At this stage is not possible visualize the “200 Most Recent Logs” related to a tickscript and the error “Could not collect kapacitor logs” is always returned when the tickscript data are expanded

Could someone have a look or give a feedback about?


Hi @sdicataldo,

All bugs should be reported on the GitHub Issue Tracker.