Compare two graphs with different sampling rate in Grafana

I have one measurement where I parse the majority of points from a webserver logfile which can be hundreds of points per second. I cannot parse some invalid requests (e.g. causing high cardinality in tags) I still want to get a value of all requests coming in to this logfile. I thought it would be a good idea to store aggregated metrics (every 10s) using telegrafs basicstats aggregator, because it already produces counts.
So I have a measurement with 10s aggregates (all requests) and one with high sampling rate (for valid requests).
Finally I would like to compare/graph the value_count of the basiscstats measurement (all requests) with the IFQL count(value) of the measurement with high sampling rate. I want to see if there are huge amounts of invalid requests, that need to be investigated (eg. hacks, logformat changes…).
Is this generally possible with Grafana ?
I am not too familiar with the internals of Grafana, but when I zoom out, the “all requets graph” will move below the “valid requests graph”. I would expect the all requests graph always be above the valid requests graph.
How can I accomplish the desired behavior ?