Chronograf "sometimes" "always" shows Title of Cell


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What version are you using? You should be able to change the cell title when you select the Visualization type. There is also a Customize menu where you can set the title (or delete it if you want).


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Can you leave it blank if you toggle the auto to off?


Yes, that’s what the screenshot is showing. Auto is toggled off and its blank, the text in the field is put there by chronograf if the field is blank.


My auto is set to off when it is on the right-hand side. It looks like yours is still on in that screenshot.


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The video isn’t showing :frowning:

I think I was confused about which side was off/on. When I leave the text field blank, click outside of the text field to remove the cursor, and then toggle auto to the right, I can leave it blank.


When my field is blank chronograf autofills it with the default title.


Understood. Let me check and see if there’s a fix or upgrade for this


Thanks! It does only happen to some cells, others work just fine.


If I use this query for example it behaves as described:

SELECT "value" FROM "telegraf"."autogen"."cpu_temperature" WHERE time > :dashboardTime:

However if I use this query, i can delete the title:

SELECT MOVING_AVERAGE("value", 5) FROM "telegraf"."autogen"."cpu_temperature" WHERE time > :dashboardTime:


I chatted with the Chronograf engineers, and it looks like the intended behavior is that you should not be able to leave the y-axis title blank. When left blank, it should revert to the default. One suggestion is to put a single character in as the title ("-" or “.”, for example) to take up the least amount of space.

I know that sometimes the behavior gets a little odd when the page is refreshed due to issues with caching in the browser.


Thanks for the feedback, appreciated.
Why it it possible in other cells?
For example here:


Is there any chance to change this default behaviour, I really like to format my dashboards how I see fit.


I can report the bug and have the team look into it. Thank you for your feedback!


Great, thanks for your time!