"choco install telegraf -Y" is failing to install 1.15.1

Hello, I am not sure if here is the right place to post, but I just found after telegraf 1.15.1 is available yesterday, choco install telegraf -Y is failing like this:
2020-07-23 16:56:14,440 1700 [DEBUG] - Running Start-ChocolateyProcessAsAdmin -validExitCodes ‘0’ -workingDirectory ‘C:\Program Files\telegraf’ -statements '–config-directory “C:\Program Files\telegraf\telegraf.d” --service install ’ -exeToRun ‘C:\Program Files\telegraf\telegraf.exe’
2020-07-23 16:56:14,446 1700 [DEBUG] - Unable to use current location for Working Directory. Using Cache Location instead.
2020-07-23 16:56:14,487 1700 [DEBUG] - Test-ProcessAdminRights: returning True
2020-07-23 16:56:14,503 1700 [DEBUG] - Elevating permissions and running [“C:\Program Files\telegraf\telegraf.exe” --config-directory “C:\Program Files\telegraf\telegraf.d” --service install ]. This may take a while, depending on the statements.
2020-07-23 16:56:14,509 1700 [WARN ] - WARNING: May not be able to find ‘C:\Program Files\telegraf\telegraf.exe’. Please use full path for executables.
2020-07-23 16:56:14,557 1700 [ERROR] - ERROR: Exception calling “Start” with “0” argument(s): “The system cannot find the file specified”

Could anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!

InfluxData doesn’t maintain this package but I think you can report issues with this package here: https://chocolatey.org/packages/telegraf

We adjusted the directory name inside the Windows zip package to include the version number, I suspect the failure is related to that.

Thanks Daniel, I will contact choco.

Your help is much appreciated!