Batch Write Fails


I’m trying to batch write to influxdb - to be more efficient with the number of transfers I invoke. I have a newline (on Linux) between the entries, and POST the command (line protocol) … but it seems to fail. Is there perhaps a limitation that the items in a batch write all need to be the same measurement (as I am mixing measurements)?


What is the exact error you are receiving from server?


Just checked - it seems a bit odd. Hmmm. If I send,

'temperature,sensor=front value=92 1590694111352899694'

All good, no issues. But then send (with \n between entries),

'temperature,sensor=front value=92 1590694209998162159
water,sensor=front value=0 1590694209998162159
battery,sensor=front value=50 1590694209998162159

Then I get an error 204, reason = No Content.

Make any sense?


204 is right response for successful write.
Generally, HTTP errors are >=400.
So, why do you think, your writes fail? You are unable to query them?

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Doh! My screw-up, sorry! It had a typo before it seems (checked my git push), and when I put this back in I must have fixed it. My apologies.

And yes, it’s working now, perfect!

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