Automatic downsample + calculations

I have typical financial data (timestamp, open, high, low, close, volume), recorded by the minute

I’m very new to InfluxDB . I started to do tests with the alpha 2.0, but I gave up and went with 1.7. I can get the db to ingest all the data so far.

I’m trying to set two things:

  • automatic downsampling (generate hourly and daily)
  • automatic calculation of EMAs (exponential moving averages)

is it done:

  • with continuous queries? looks like downsampling can be done, but what about EMAs?
  • with kapacitor? is it really made for this?


  • where does flux fit?
  • is flux and fluxql the same thing?

and last:
are there working (I stress this because 2.0 samples are NOT working) examples of this on the web using the C# clients?