Atop data into InfluxDB

On my Linux system I’m using the atop -a command to monitor its performance. I would like to get this data into InfluxDB in order to be able to benefit from all the fancy features :grinning: provided by the TICK stack. Could anyone provide me with advice what would be be the easiest way to reach my goal? Should I create an atop plugin for Telegraf? Or maybe there is another easier way to stream the metrics generated by atop to InfluxDB using Telegraf?

Have you tried using the procstat input? If there are particular features of atop that are missing, we could potentially add them to this plugin.

I looked at the procstat plugin but the problem is that with 1 second sampling rate for all processes it gives me extra 20% CPU load on a traffic host while the
$ atop 1 -a -w /..../output.log
gives me around 3% extra CPU load :frowning: So even though featurewise procstat plugin is a great thing it is unfortunately not an option when I look at the overhead that it generates on my traffic host. I hope that a dedicated atop plugin could provide me desired input but with smaller overhead.

Plan B that I just figured out is to send atop output to a network socket with
$ atop 1 -a > /dev/tcp/[ip_address]/[port]
or to a network pipe using netcat e.g.
$ atop 1 -a | netcat [ip_address] [port]
This way I could perform the CPU expensive operations such as parsing and formatting outside of my traffic host.

After sleeping over it and discussing with my colleagues I believe that a dedicated atop plugin would be the best possible solution.

Is your goal then to collect all processes at 1s interval? Will that include kernel tasks?