[Answered] Preferred MQTT Broker? Is SurgeMQ dead?

We are soon integrating MQTT into our system (and we are new to MQTT). Of course, Telegraf supports MQTT so that’s not a problem. My question is about MQTT brokers. There are many.

MQTT brokers do not all conform to the same standards, and they all have different performance profiles. According to this Influx post InfluxData surveyed the space and found SurgeMQ to be the best broker to be paired with Influx deployments. In fact, the post explains that InfluxData negotiated with the original author to take over the project. However, SurgeMQ has seemingly gone dormant with no updates in almost two years, and I can find no further news on this topic.


  1. What is InfluxData’s plan for the SurgeMQ project? Is it still in development?
  2. Though there have been no recent updates is SurgeMQ still the preferred broker for Influx MQTT deployments?
  3. If not, what is the preferred broker within the MQTT-using Influx community?

InfluxData replied to a separate support inquiry. The SurgeMQ project taken over by InfluxData was eventually handed back to the original author. The project has been dormant for some time but was forked into an actively maintained project VolantMQ. The well known MQTT broker Mosquitto appears to be the popular choice for brokers in Influx MQTT deployments.